Discreet Dish Installation

Making your dish blend in


Everyone wants their home to look its best and some homeowners are anxious that a satellite dish for reception of satellite television will blemish their property. That need not be the case. With a little attention given to the installation, you can enjoy the TV choice that ASTRA reception provides, as well as an unspoiled home.

While few onlookers give a second glance to a rooftop aerial or even a brightly painted front door, out of keeping with the neighbours, satellite dishes have come in for much unmerited prejudice. It’s true that the first dishes were quite large and intrusive, and sometimes were fitted in the worst positions, but today’s digital minidish is no larger than most aerials, and there’s no need for it to tarnish the good looks of your property.

In fact, if you opt for a discreet installation, your new dish may not be noticeable at all!

Unlike an aerial, a satellite minidish doesn’t need to be prominent to work efficiently. Its small size and flexible fixing options mean that it can be placed in a wide range of positions on your home or in your garden. Positioned with care, it can virtually vanish into its surroundings.

Take time with your satellite installer to look all around the house for suitable positions for the dish – where it will not stand out or show up, particularly to passersby in the street. He will be able to advise on which positions are both appropriate for reception and suitable for fixing the dish in place.

The orientation of your house is important to the position, as the minidish must point in the right direction. However, it can still be ‘hidden’ behind a parapet or chimneystack, at the back of the roof, or at low level on the side of the house. All the options should be considered before installation begins.

Discreet satellite dish installation

In a nutshell

  • A modern dish need not be conspicuous – or even visible – to receive top quality TV by satellite.
  • Many positions are normally possible as only line-of-sight to the satellites is required.
  • Use a professional installer, as he will know exactly what is possible.
  • Discuss the best position with the installer before work starts, to ensure you get the result you want.
  • If it must go in a prominent position, your dish can be painted to camouflage it.
  • Installing a dish in the garden can be a discreet option; it doesn’t have to be fixed to the house wall.
  • Planning regulations require a discreet installation for all dishes but planning permission is not usually needed for a minidish installation.
  • In some cases a discreet installation may need extra time or materials, and cost a little more than a standard installation.