How to get satellite if you live in a flat?



Digital satellite and terrestrial television has brought the choice of hundreds of channels in digital quality to millions of viewers. Digital satellite provides many free and pay-TV channels, radio channels, interactive TV services, high definition TV, broadband access, and more.

Digital broadcasting has improved the quality of reception, and brought features such as Dolby Digital surround sound and TV recording without tape into viewers’ living rooms.

The huge range of services, ease of availability, and Digital Switchover in many countries has meant that digital TV is in demand.

Householders in individual homes can pick and choose their digital services by buying and installing the relevant aerial or dish antenna, and subscribing (if necessary) directly to the service provider.

However, the story for residents in many blocks of flats and apartments and some housing developments is a very different one. There, it is the manager or landlord who decides which TV and radio channels the residents can enjoy, through their communal TV system.

The popular take-up of digital services has put pressure on landlords, property managers and developers to give their residents the same opportunities and the same freedom of choice enjoyed by those in individual homes.

In many cases, existing communal TV systems are not physically able to distribute the full range of digital services, so the connected households cannot access all digital broadcasts, they cannot enjoy the choices and services available to their peers, and they are excluded from many of the benefits of the ongoing digital revolution.

The challenge for owners, landlords and managers is to upgrade these communal systems – to provide the infrastructure that gives residents access to the full choice of services they now demand.